Love Story...


domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015



Mi vida está en Tus manos, ¡Oh, Dios de los ejércitos! 
He sido sumergida en lo profundo del abismo,
han llenado mi vida de iniquidad, 
han congelado los brazos de tu sierva
y no puede acurrucar a aquellos que le encomendaste,
la sonrisa ha escapado de su rostro,
Tu silencio se ha convertido en el dolor que respira.
No permitas que tropiecen mis pasos, Yahveh, 
fortalece sus cimientos para sostener los pilares de mi heredad, la que desde la eternidad me regalaste,
cumple en mí Tus promesas, para ser el vivo testimonio de Tu Poder y Tu Grandeza.
Eres el amigo fiel e importante,
el aliento nuevo que me levanta,
Eres la vida nueva que me espera,
la alianza eterna desde los tiempos de Noé,
el consuelo en la tribulación,
el amor perfecto que me hace a Tu imagen,
la Fe que me quebranta pero nunca me destruye,
la medida exacta de la plenitud.
Confío ¡Oh, Yahveh! en Tu Palabra,
en el agua que se desbordó para Agar en el desierto, en medio de su destierro,
en el pacto con Abraham de ser el Padre de las naciones, 
en el signo  que Te humanizó
para ser ejemplo de que se puede cumplir con Tus mandamientos,
en Tu cuerpo sacrificado por el mío para el perdón de mis pecados y Su ofrenda para mi salvación,
Vuelve a mi Tu rostro, para que nada ni nadie pueda dañarme, cobíjame a la sombra de Tus Alas, para que el mal no me alcance. Descanzo en Tí, ¡Oh, Jehová de los ejércitos, Poderoso de Israel! Salvación mía.  

Lourdes M. Collazo

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

The Void

Sometimes I write a letter to the void, the nothing, the universe, that someone out there, who cares...

My dearest void, it's been a while! But my life is a roller coaster that never stops going up and down.  Like always I let you down, because I let myself down.  I want to be stronger but I end up being a coward who lets everyone down, her friends, her family, the people who really care.  I wish there was a way out of my making mistakes, but as someone said, it's by making mistakes that we learn to become a better person.  The only trick here is time.  There's a timeline in everything in life, in every step of the way and I am running out of it and hurting myself and those around me.  So please dear void, tell Him to lead the way so that I can make better choices, so that I can be decisive and take the right path for the sake of my loved ones.  Tell Him to hurry!!! Time is running out and the roller coaster won't stop pulling me down.  Thanks for always being there for me dearest void, because it's better to write to you than to many somethings not worth pouring my heart out to.  Until next time...

lunes, 13 de abril de 2015


Entre el canto del pájaro extraviado 
y el estallido de un cristal roto, 
entre luces brillantes que ciegan 
y el grito niño de la sabiduría,
entre la puerta equivocada
y la salida hacia la libertad,
entre el laberinto de tres calles
y la mirada de un centinela,
entre el espejo refractando
la dureza de su rostro
y la resaca de sus labios partidos,
anduve perdida,
cortando mi pelo enredado
por los nudos en mi garganta...

...hasta que llegué a la piel.

martes, 17 de marzo de 2015


Hi! my dearest void.  Today, as most days, another hectic day.  You make so many plans but at the end of the day, life has been planned for you already...  by chance, coincidence or something greater than us and out of our reach.  Tomorrow I was supposed to do something great and instead I need to work and work and work to try to make a living.  It's my destiny!  I was destined to be a working mom, a slave a would dare say of everyone elses time but mine.

I want to change the subject to something that caught my attention the other day, and it was a story line within a movie with several story lines, "He is Not That Into You"  It's a romantic comedy, but even if the theme of these kind of movies seems platonic, stupid or even shallow, I always dig deeper to find something wonderful, meaningful to keep me going, to give me the strengh I need to hold on to another day, to give me the hope that not everything is dark and obscure and so realistic, and this time I realized that sometimes we need to dream big and think of ourselves as the exception of the rule to the ones we love.  To be their extraordinary choice, to be their miracle.  I am in such a hurry, but I will come back, my dear void, this is deeper than I thought! Time to go to my other job... I'll be seeing you!

domingo, 8 de marzo de 2015


“¿Te acuerdas del primero...? Indefinible;
cubrió tu faz de cárdenos sonrojos
y en los espasmos de emoción terrible,
llenáronse de lágrimas tus ojos. “ Gabriela Mistral

Tus besos tienen sabor a foto,
a ese autorretrato para recordar,
al dulce trazar de una linea,
a una sonrisa cibernética.
Tu beso ha sido mi ALMA MATER,
los cien puntos que me levantan,
el suave roce que se siente
cuando escucho una canción de nana,
las cortas conversaciones que se repiten,
las preguntas tontas que se responden.

¡Ya me has besado de tantas veces!

...pero me falta el beso de tus labios,
ese que se expresa en cada verso,
el que solo puede darse entre las sombras,
y que hace que resurja todo el cuerpo,
"...ese prohibido y verdadero...
que me arrebate todos los sentidos."

martes, 10 de febrero de 2015

The Fault in Our Stars

Hi my dearest void.  I hope you're well.  I have been wondering how you are but I guess the answer is your silence, whispering to my ear that everything is ok... shhhh!!!   I have been lazy to write or too tired to think, or both.  But I can always come back here and regain my strengh and write something in this language that belongs to others but nevertheless I feel better because at least I did write something.  There shouldn't be a day without writing at least one line that will make up for the ones at least when I run out of words in Spanish, English comes to the rescue and gets me to write without a blink of an eye,  I just keep writing until I finish my thoughts or at least almost finish.

As always, I have acknokledge that I am in fact a hopeless romantic.  So there I was at my home and my daughter told me there's a movie I must see: "The Fault in Our Stars".  When she explained me part of the plot I was a little discourage to watch it because I don't like sad endings, being a romantic makes me want to see a happily ever after in every story... but that's not always the case, as in this story.  It ends tragically but it takes you through a journey you don't want to miss.  It's a love story that shouldn't be overlooked because it ends up as it did.  It actually gave new meaning to the happily ever after in my own story because I learn that love has no time frame.

Love is not only about being with someone forever, as in "I'll marry you" and "we'll be together forever" or as we have conceive it from our upbringing.  I learned that the time frame thing is nonexistent and it's not what counts.  There are infinities between every minute, every second, and those can last forever.  There are bigger infinities than others, like the author explains: "There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities..."  This means that a moment, just one moment could be our forever, our happily ever after.

In the story, Augustus and Hazel met and fell in love in a support group for patients with cancer as they were both sick. They spent what little time they had together, but she got it and in one of the last scenes she said something that change me forever:   "..., Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for the world.  You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful."  ... the numbered days... wow! a moment can have no ending and is limitless, that is,  if you believe that infinity transcends time.

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

un- Broken

Dearest void, as always, I greet you with "it's been a long time" because it always is, I mean, my life is a turmoil with a nonstop schedule.  But thanks for sticking with me.  Lately, I have been watching this television series about doctors and medicine, and how to become a surgeon and how miracles can happen and how medicine can go so far and then comes God.   I love the show because of the constant uplifting messages and quotes.  I have learn a lot about the health field, things I could never imagine, things I was not aware of because of my hectic way of living, specially the fact that life indeed is short and one never knows how fast it can blow away.

The leading lady in the series has suffered so much and it seems broken and twisted and dark.  But in fact I believe,  that,
 to be her strengh.  Life can never be taken lightly and not every day we will see a rainbow in the skies, which means, it's sometimes better to be ready for the worse and always expect the best.  It's a good balance and makes you stronger and ready for whatever.  That gives me hope!... until next time...